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This site is an affectionate tribute to the unique Peel Cars from the Isle of Man.


Years ahead of their time, and produced in the context of the ‘lean years’ of post-war Britain, there is still nothing quite like a Peel on the road today.

Isle of Man Stamps

Please open an image and browse the gallery using the arrrows at the edges of the pictures. We welcome images submitted from Peel fans to add to the site. Enjoy...

Stamps Gallery

Peel Cars Set FINAL(72dpi)

The Isle of Man Post Office issued a celebrational set of six commemorative stamps on the 23rd July 2006 and launched at the Peel Transport Museum on the ocassion of their annual rally which saw the largest number of Peel Cars together for many years.


A number of special products were published in addition to the stamps and all are now sought-after collectables.


To celebrate the Peels to Peel Festival in 2014 IOM Stamps & Coins have issued a special cover in a limited edition of 500 numbered items.

Sure to be a future rarity, they are currently available from IOM Stamps & Coins through their website iomstamps.com 


Original Peel Cars stamps collectables ocassionally become available through PeelCars.Com when EBay links are placed on this page.


* Currently available Peel Cars 2006 collectables. will appear here...